Wednesday, May 30, 2007

thursday...... the last visits

hi everyone.

School is out here, computer access is very hard to get. All the kids play games in here all day long.

Today is our last visitation time with Cole. We will have our morning play time and the afternoon play time... then tomorrow we can pick him up. We have allot of paperwork to get done before we can get him. We have to travel to his birth city, which i can say, but not spell to get his new birth certificate. They dont have computerized systems here...its all in log books in archives. They have to pull the old one in that town to up0date it to the new one. The after several other court, notary, visits within region we can go and get him. Depending on how the orphanage is on time to let him go... we may have to wait to Sat. I hope not.

We will be traveling back to Kiev this weekend. Cole has a doctor appt on Monday. Once that is cleared and all the docs are in order.... keep your fingers crossed.... we are free to fly home. Yeah. Its coming to an end and we will be home soon.

Emma we will be home a little after you get home from florida. See you then with lots of kisses!!!!!!!

Love you miss you... mommy and daddy and cole.

Monday, May 28, 2007

monday..... counting down

Hi everyone...

I am so sorry the pictures did not come thru. a store formated our disk.. but have done it in russian!!! thank you so much Lisa and Jammy for scanning in the 3 we sent home. We forgot it was cold when we got here..... ha ha ha.

Today we visited Cole and played with trucks. He now knows the tune of "the wheels on the bus". He is very good at "la la la ing" it. Back to the market today.... shopping for a few more toys . We plan on leaving most of the toys we brought at the orphanage, so we need some stuff for Kiev and the plane.

We miss you alll so much and we will be having a play day when i return. Cole really likes other kids.. imagine that. Emma I will need you to introduce him to all the kids.

Take care... more later.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cole Polaroids...

That's the Nicholai aka Cole aka Maser C!